Welcome to James Vereker Photography

James Vereker is Australia's leading equine action photographer and feature writer renowned for covering Stockman's Challenges and capturing dramatic images of the famous Brumby Catch - the most exciting and skillful horsemanship event in the world.

His reputation for tracking the wild brumby in the bush is growing like 'Brumby Dundee' as more unique images are released for exhibition and publication from his award-winning Print Collection. A passion for capturing dramatic action shots in the wild and intimate portraits is realised through his use of bushcraft, Shanks' Pony and special insights on equine behaviour - encountering wild horses - even within an arm's reach!.

"Wild horses, couldn't drag me away", Rolling Stones.

Featured Albums

Man from Snowy River 2016 - Day 3
April 3, 2016
Brumby Catch
King of the Ranges 2016 - Day 3
February 28, 2016